My visualization comes courtesy of data from, who gathered every instance of a swear word or death in Quentin Tarantino’s movies. I chose to narrow our area of observation somewhat, because plotting all of those points would have been wholly uninformative. I have reason to believe that if someone isn’t cursing or dying in those movies, nothing at all must be happening. I chose to display the data in terms of where each F-Bomb occurs temporally in the movie for each of the movies, to give an idea of the relative density between each one. Because many of the points were crowded up against eachother, I chose to jitter them out a bit and make them larger. This should give a clearer picture of the density and sheer impossibility of not overplotting this mess. I also color-coded each varietal of fuck-derivative, to give a picture of the kind of diversity of language we are looking at.

Looking at this data, we can tell that Reservoir Dogs contains possibly the greatest number and certainly greatest density of fuck and fuck-adjacent words. This may be, however, due to a proliferation of other swears in other movies. For example, Django Unchained seems rather barren, but we can assume that this is to make room for use of the n-word. We also can see a clear trend towards Tarantino favoring “fuck” and “fucking” as opposed to some of their like less-versatile cousins. Why did I think this was interesting? I actually haven’t seen any of the movies on this list besides Pulp Fiction and don’t particularly want to. I do, however, find all this very fucking funny.